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Innovax srl is a young company, founded in 2003, which produces components for the internal furniture, for bathroom furniture, ships, railway and for the construction industry.

The company is specialized in the manufacturing of composite panels made of an external finishing which “dresses up” an internal support (pvc, polymer, chipboard)....

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The company produces panels
up to 4000 mm x 1250mm with thicknesses that vary between
5 mm and 10 mm. The coupling between materials and support
is obtained using the pressing technology with polyurethanic
hot glue. This system guarantees
a quick realization and it grants
also the resistance of the...

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Innovax composite panels are used in:

Internal furnishing (table tops, doors, wall units, shelves for furniture and shops)

Bathroom furnishing (upper parts, plates and walls for shower box, bath-tub coverings)

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INNOVAX s.r.l.

Via Villalta, 12/A
z.i. Fraz. Tiezzo
33082 Azzano Decimo (PN)
P.Iva/C.F. IT 01523100939

Tel.  +39 0434 640781
Fax. +39 0434 641854