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INNOVAX srl is a young company, founded in 2003, which produces components for the internal furniture, for bathroom furniture, ships, railway and for the construction industry.

The company is specialized in the manufacturing of composite panels made of an external finishing which “dresses up” an internal support (pvc, polymer, chipboard).

The external finished can be in hpl, laminate, glazed aluminium, acrylic foil, cut wood and it is avaialble in a large choice of colors and essences.

Innovax transforms these panels making table tops, doors, wall units, shelves, shower boxes, bath tub coverings, sauna and Turkish bath furniture elements, internal walls, structural coverings, false ceilings, panels for external facades, heating panels and sliding doors.

The whole productive process is carried out within the company’s premises: from the panel production to the making of the finished product, using up-to-date machineries that, comined with a great experience and technical ability of our staff, allow to respond to all the customer’s requests.